euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 15.09.2012
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

Lifestyle Europe

In this edition: Diving to a lost village in a Norwegian mountain lake, Martin Eidenberger’s video art for opera, Helsinki Design Week, micro-breweries in Berlin, and artist Thomas Houseago.

Lost World

Norangsdalen, on Norway's west coast, is notorious for frequent avalanches and landslides. Diver Svein Wollstad loves to visit a very special place here: the mountain lake Lyngstöylvatnet. He regularly dives in the lake. One favorite sight is the remains of a village that vanished during a landside 104 years ago.

Operatic Video Art
Austrian video artist Martin Eidenberger frequently designs for stage productions. In recent years, directors increasingly have been working with video projections, and call in Martin Eidenberger to work on their shows. We met up with him a few days before a premiere performance at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin.

Northern Lights
Alvar Aalto, Marimekko and Eero Aarnio put Finland on the map as a design nation. For more than half a century now Finnish design has been synonymous with linear clarity, purity and functionality. Set up in 2005. Helsinki Design Week brings together international designers and local artists. With the Finnish capital also reigning as this year’s World Design Capital, the event is well worth a visit.

Micro-Bewery Beers
It would take you 13 years to sample a different German beer every evening. Most Germans have one favorite - often produced locally. The trend originated in the United States, but micro-breweries have also taken off in Germany, offering an alternative. More than 100 microbreweries have opened in the country in the past five years – offering unusual brews such as champagne beers, sour beers and smoked beers – all of them brewed in accordance with Germany's beer purity laws. So Euromaxx went on a Berlin pubcrawl.

Artist Thomas Houseago
We meet the very successful British artist at an exhibition of his works at London’s Hauser & Wirth Gallery. Houseago used to destroy some of his creations when his career was on the down-side, but a chance meeting changed all that.

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