euromaxx highlights | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 07.04.2012
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euromaxx highlights

Lifestyle Europe

01.2012 DW Euromaxx Highlights

01.2012 DW Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: The Beatbox Battle World Championships, architect Odile Decq, a puppet theater performs Wagner, an amazing micro car collection, and a Damien Hirst exhibition at London's Tate Modern.

Damien Hirst at The Tate

An exhibition of more than 70 of his creations at London's Tate Modern shows his vast imagination. Hirst is one of Britain’s most successful artists.

Micro Cars

We check out the amazing automobile collection of German Stefan Voit. These cars came into production in West Germany after the Second World War when engineers set out to create a car that was affordable for the general population. They are no longer manufactured anymore.

Wagner by Puppets

Richard Wagner’s famous Ring of the Nibelung is a cycle of four epic operas that if you played them back-to-back would take about 16 hours. However the Salzburg Marionette Theatre has created a drastically condensed version which has received rave reviews.

Architect Odile Decq

Architect Odile Decq from France has made a name for herself in this predominantly male industry and has gained international recognition with numerous prizes and awards under her belt. One of Decq's projects was designing a restaurant in one of Paris' listed buildings, thus combining the old with the new.

The Beatbox Battle World Championships
We check out the Beatbox Battle World Championships that were in Berlin where we meet such artists as Sara Siedlecka of Austria, Ibarra of the Netherlands and Pechenkata of Bulgaria.