DW′s team in Davos | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 19.01.2016
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DW's team in Davos

This week, hundreds of the world’s top leaders and wealth creators descend on Davos to discuss how to shape the future. Meet the team that will bring you all the exciting action straight from the Swiss Alps.

Manuela Kasper-Claridge is the head of DW's Business and Science Department. She is awaiting lively debates about this year's topic regarding the digital transformation of our economies, industries and companies. Twitter: @ManuelaKC

Michael Wetzel is a true Davos veteran. This year, he's celebrating his 11th anniversary reporting from the event for DW-TV. He still enjoys reporting from the Swiss Alps - even though the WEF is one of the busiest times of the year for journalists. Twitter: @MichaelWetzel

Katja Losch is reporting from Davos for the fifth time. A self-proclaimed country bumpkin hailing from the small town of Oberdollendorf, visiting the village of Davos is almost like returning home - except for the international flair. Twitter: @katjalosch

Andreas Becker, business editor for online and radio, is fascinated by the strict Davos caste system and believes that WEF founder and president Klaus Schwab is a marketing genius. Twitter: @dw_wirtschaft

Carol Guerrero will be reporting live from Davos for DW's Spanish TV program. She left her native Colombia to study journalism in Paris. Carol has been a regular in Davos since 2007, when she began covering the WEF for Colombian media. Twitter: @CarolGuerreroS

Ben Fajzullin, business editor and presenter, will be trudging through the snow again this year for DW News. He's hoping to catch up with the big names of the business world, like Russian CEO Eugen Kaspersky and US economist Joseph Stiglitz. Twitter: @BenFajzullin

Christoph Kober, presents DW’s business program and is a Davos first-timer. He's been reporting for DW since the year of the financial crisis - from trading floors, factories, or the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Twitter: @KoberChristoph

Paul-Christian Britz grew up in the hills of the Swabian Alps and is looking forward to the magic of the Swiss Alps now. For his first Davos visit, he will provide a full range of multimedia material from video and photo to tweets and web articles. Twitter: @pcbritz