DW’s new app to provide breaking world news to the mobile generation | Press Releases | DW | 22.06.2015
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Press Releases

DW’s new app to provide breaking world news to the mobile generation

Form meets function: The new DW app offers users a unique DW experience while providing access to all of the online content from Germany’s international broadcaster.

The app creates a platform for interaction with users worldwide, with more interactive features and user-generated content (UGC) functionality. The DW app is available for free for smartphones and tablets with Apple (dw.com/app/ios) or Android (dw.com/app/android) operating systems.

The logical, modern layout of the app was created to put the content in focus, making access and usage as intuitive as possible. The unobtrusive user interface ensures that nothing detracts attention from the information being provided. The app was optimized for usage on smartphones and tablets and provides access to streaming media, online articles and the DW Media Center.

Along with improvements to the older version, the new DW app also offers a range of new functions. It supports AirPlay and Chromecast, making it possible to re-broadcast video content and live streams on television screens. The offline mode lets users access content without an Internet connection and the text mode is optimized for low bandwidths. Users can also use push notifications to receive breaking news and the app supports Apple Watch functionality.

“The app is fundamental to DW’s new strategy,” says Peter Limbourg, DW’s Director General. “We are convinced that mobile usage will continue to increase, but not under the same conditions. Our concept covers a variety of different usage scenarios: From highly-developed media markets where expectations include images, streaming and on-demand content, to regions with lower bandwidths and limited Internet, which makes offline and text modes extremely important.”

But the DW app offers more than just access to DW’s online content. It also makes users part of the global dialogue. The new commentary function makes it possible to take part in the debates surrounding the most pressing issues. And there is also an upload tool that lets users submit their own pictures and videos from breaking news and events that are happening around them.

“The new DW is for local heroes – those people who are trying to make a difference around the world. Their perspectives also provide us with an invaluable resource,” says Limbourg. “It gives these local heroes another way to get involved and contribute to our vision.”

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