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DW’s lifestyle magazine Euromaxx marks 10th anniversary

June 28, 2013

Euromaxx will celebrate its 10th birthday on June 30. Available in German, English, Spanish and Arabic, this daily television magazine is broadcast on all six DW channels around the world.


Launched in 2003, Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe is DW’s most successful TV show, along with the news program Journal. “People around the world always regard Germany also as a part of Europe. This was the original idea behind the concept of Euromaxx, which presents diverse cultures and ways of living in Germany and Europe. The program’s success shows that this concept reflects the interests of our audience,” commented DW’s Director for Global Content Christoph Lanz, who initiated the TV magazine 10 years ago.

Euromaxx has the most viewers’ feedback and the most fans on Facebook among all of DW’s programs. About 250 partner stations around the globe rebroadcast the German or the English editions. Since the beginning of 2012, DW has also broadcast editions in Spanish and Arabic, which have subsequently met with a growing interest and popularity among rebroadcasters. In addition, the weekly magazine is adapted in Russian and Chinese by DW’s partners in the respective countries.

Innovative television format

From the very beginning, the producers have been breaking new ground with the program. For example, video reporters were on the road starting in the summer of 2003 for the series Euromaxx on tour: From the North Cape to Gibraltar.The reporters travelled across Europe in a camper equipped just with small cameras - a rarity at that time, and not just in German television.

In Euromaxx on tour and in many other features, series and reports, the DW magazine presents a diverse picture of Europe and the Europeans on a daily basis. The spectrum of topics ranges from daily life, architecture, photography, cuisine and lifestyle to literature, fashion, music and dance.Rolf Rische, head of the Society and Documentaries department, said: “Euromaxx always seeks to be creative and innovative. Aside from the early use of video journalism, another example is ‘user generated content,’ namely video productions made by people who are not television professionals. This approach has remained characteristic for euromaxx: always having new ideas and turning them into a fascinating program.”Ten years of Euromaxx in figures: 3,650 episodes, 520 city portraits in the feature euromaxx city, 520 restaurants, cooks and recipes in euromaxx a la carte, and 520 unusual apartments and houses in euromaxx deluxe. In addition, there are numerous European travel destinations in euromaxx travelogue and many famous people in the feature euromaxx dossier.

euromaxx highlights logo
Biografie Projektleiter Rolf Rische
Rolf RischeImage: DW

Award-winning show

Not just viewers around the world but also juries of international film and television festivals can attest to the quality of Euromaxx. Series, reports and design have received television awards in New York, Venice, Houston, Hamburg and Mainz, just to name a few. The prizes were primarily for innovative formats, such as The Truth About Germany with reporter Michael Wigge (International VJ Award 2009), the Euromaxx series The XX Factor (Platinum Award at the Worldfest in Houston 2012) and The Strange World of max x. (Gold World Medal at the New York Festivals 2013). The program’s design received the prestigious PromaxBDA Award.

Available around the world

The lifestyle magazine Euromaxx can be received worldwide on six DW channels via cable and satellite by over 200 million households. In addition, the broadcast is available online at dw.de/euromaxx, where background information on the program is also available.