DW pundits in search of nirvana...and match day 13 results | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 19.11.2010
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DW pundits in search of nirvana...and match day 13 results

Seances, ouija boards, voodoo... The DW experts will go to any lengths to get you the match day predictions. However, all this dabbling in the occult can be tiring so they've taken a more peaceful approach for Week 13.

Guru beside a soccer pitch

Breathe deep...and this week's results will become clear

This predicting lark may seem like a piece of cake to the untrained eye. For the layman, it must seem that sitting around, plucking random scores form the ether while keeping one eye on the television is a moderately relaxing past-time. Considering how wrong we sometimes get it, it can also appear to be an exercise undertaken with a laissez-faire attitude from the comfort of a well-padded sofa.

In reality, it's quite a stressful affair. Delving into various dark arts every week, communicating with malevolent soccer spirits in a variety of cod-supernatural rituals can have quite a taxing effect on a pundit - which is why we've taken off to a cave with our yogi to try and forecast the results for match day thirteen from a state of spiritual nirvana. Altogether now: Ommmmm...

Saturday, Nov. 20

Schalke - Bremen

Felix Magath

Santa will want to know if Felix has been naughty or nice

The report cards for these two read pretty much the same: both Schalke and Bremen are not reaching their full potential. Schalke's problems are well documented - Felix Magath's Christmas list is rumored to include three points - while Bremen have lost their mojo and may want Santa to bring them a new one. Both scraped a point last week in drawn matches and this one could head the same way. Bremen used to believe in their maverick attacking but now they seem afraid to try, considering how unsure their defense is. Schalke have tried everything but still can't get it right.

Prediction: 1-1

Frankfurt - Hoffenheim

Frankfurt had a good chance of coming away from Bremen with three points last week but left with only one, which suggests that they still don't have the ruthless streak to put a crippled horse like Werder out of its misery. That cold heart may be needed against a Hoffenheim side that are struggling to find the momentum they mislaid about a month ago. Losing to a fast-rising Freiburg team will have stung. The Hoff may just have more of a killer instinct in this one.

Prediction: Hoffenheim 1-0

Moenchengladbach - Mainz

From the sublime to the ridiculous and back again: Gladbach went from putting six past Leverkusen in the second weekend of the season to conceding eleven in their following two games. Now they've finally swung back, scoring four against Cologne, after a terrible spell. Mainz are in their own dip, slipping from first to third after a run of three straight defeats. Could it be that after over-achieving so early in the season, Mainz are now heading towards their natural position as a mid-table team? They seemed too good to be just flattering to deceive. The recovery starts here.

Prediction: Mainz 2-0

Freiburg - Dortmund

Papiss Demba Cisse (l.)

Cisse is on top form and is driving Freiburg up the table

Freiburg have risen to fourth without anyone's permission, thanks in part to the prolific form of striker Pappis Demba Cissé. The league's second highest scorer has found his feet since joining from Metz last year and his team mates seem to be inspired to reach his standards. They'll need the 10-goal striker to be clinical on Saturday as Dortmund will afford him few chances. BVB have a solid defense to match the creative midfield and confident attack, making them as complete a package as the Bundesliga has seen so far this season. With the team on a roll, Juergen Klopp can look forward to another week on top after this one.

Prediction: Dortmund 3-1

Hanover - Hamburg

Hamburg are the missing children of the Bundesliga. Their squad photo should be circulated on the side of milk cartons. This is a team that should be at least challenging for a top four slot, not heading into the black hole of mid-table obscurity. One has to wonder where the real HSV has gone. With no ideas and with their only direction a downward one, Hamburg must find themselves before the winter break or face limping towards May with no target to aim for. Hanover stand a good chance of reaping the rewards of Hamburg's disappearance by notching a home win.

Prediction: Hanover 2-1

Nuremberg - Kaiserslautern

In their last game, Nuremberg were unlucky to face a Bayern team smarting from Louis van Gaal's hairdryer treatment following the lackluster show against Gladbach two weeks ago. The reaction was too strong for Nuremberg. Whether such a defeat will have knocked the stuffing out of them remains to be seen. Kaiserslautern are unlikely to give Nuremberg anywhere near the kind of lesson meted out by Bayern last week so if they are looking to bounce back, this is the game to do it in. Kaiserslautern are struggling, despite surviving a 3-3 draw with Stuttgart last week. Nuremberg should edge it.

Prediction: Nuremburg 1-0

Leverkusen - Bayern

Simon Rolfes (r.)

Simon Rolfes and Co. have pushed Leverkusen to second

Bayern looked ominous last week while putting three past Nuremberg, but we have seen so many false dawns from them this season that it’s hard to know whether this is a Bayern revival or just an anomaly. Leverkusen, meanwhile, have been one of the most consistent teams in the league this season, as reflected in their position. The second-placed side will provide Bayern with a tough task and will be a real test.

Prediction: Leverkusen 3-2

Sunday, Nov. 21

Stuttgart - Cologne

Cologne had long threatened to plummet to the bottom and did so last week in some style, losing 4-0 at home to arch-rivals Gladbach last week. Considering how bad their opponents have been for most of the season, this was the surest sign yet that Cologne are in a mess and can probably start planning for relegation. Stuttgart have clawed their way out of their own relegation battle and are still making slow but steady progress. While they haven't yet put a safe amount of daylight between them and the drop zone, they're accumulating the necessary points to keep them from danger. A further three should be garnered on Sunday.

Prediction: Stuttgart 3-0

St. Pauli - Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg's Edin Dzeko, Simon Kjaer and Grafite

These Wolves are smiling but their position is precarious

Like two climbers tied together, hanging on an outcrop over a ravine, St. Pauli and Wolfsburg seem to be stuck dangling over the relegation abyss. Despite losing again last week, Pauli remain static in 13th while the Wolves managed a draw at home to Schalke to keep their frost-bitten fingers on 12th. Only a point separates them. Should any of the teams in the three places below them win and either of these two loses this match, the slide into the relegation zone will take a dramatic lurch. Wolfsburg seem to be the team with the better tools to drag themselves away. And Pauli? They appear to be losing their grip.

Prediction: Wolfsburg 2-0

Last week's results: 5 points

Dortmund - Hamburg 2-0 (DW Prediction 2-0)

Bremen - Frankfurt 0-0 (DW Prediction 1-2)

Wolfsburg - Schalke 2-2 (DW Prediction 3-2)

Cologne - Moechengladbach 0-4 (DW Prediction 0-1)

Kaiserslautern - Stuttgart 3-3 (DW Prediction 2-2)

St. Pauli - Leverkusen 0-1 (DW Prediction 1-3)

Mainz - Hannover 0-1 (DW Prediction 2-0)

Hoffenheim - Freiburg 0-1 (DW Prediction 1-0)

Bayern - Nuremberg 3-0 (DW Prediction 1-1)

Total for the season: 54

Three points for a correct score prediction
Two points for a correct margin prediction
One point for a correct winner prediction

Author: Nick Amies
Editor: Matt Hermann

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