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DW News Africa with Tomi Oladipo, July 11, 2024

Tomi Oladipo
July 11, 2024

A post by the daughter of Cameroon's president causes controversy in a country where same-sex relations are banned. Also: Rwanda prepares to vote in a general election as President Kagame seeks a fourth term. Plus: how some Nigerians are turning to traditional healers because of the soaring cost of medicine. And: we meet the supergroup bringing back the sounds of Ghana's Burger Highlife music.

Tomi Oladipo wears a suit and a tie as he stands in front of the "DW News Africa" logo
Tomi Oladipo Tomi Oladipo is a British-born Nigerian journalist based in Berlin.
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About the show

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DW News Africa

DW News Africa is a weekly show that takes a deep dive into the stories and issues people are talking about across the continent. Join Eddy Micah Jr, Christine Mhundwa, Tomi Oladipo and Raheela Mohamed every weekend.