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DW and rbb jointly present the cross-media project "Worldwide Berlin"

Berthold Stevens/thNovember 27, 2014

Is Berlin by the sea? Does coffee grow there? Is it quiet? The answers are yes, yes and yes! Find out more in "Worldwide Berlin," a joint cross-media project by DW and rbb, starting November 28.

10.2014 DW Worldwide Berlin Projekt Artikelbild

Berlin is everywhere! From Nicaragua and Bolivia, Russia, South Africa and Papua New Guinea, there are more than 100 Berlins all over the world, and they're all very different. While the German capital is vibrant and lively, Centro Berlin in Bolivia is probably one of the quietest places in the world, home to just ten people - and 1000 llamas.

The cross-media project "Worldwide Berlin" links up the residents of the German capital with other Berliners throughout the world. Startingon November 28, users will be able to explore the many Berlins in an interactive web documentary that will lead them through continents, climates and time zones – and ultimately show not just what separates these far-flung places but also what they have in common.The web documentary's community stream allows Berliners across the world to contribute with photos, information and videos via Facebook and Twitter, with the filmmakers encouraging users to send in their own material. A blog is also incorporated into the project.

Documentaries and Reports -

The three-hour TV documentary will premiere on January 6 and will be available in German, English, Spanish and Arabic as video on demandon DW's website. Viewers in Germany will also be able to watch the program on rbb - the German public service broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.

DW's international TV channels will present the four-part documentary on January 10, 17, 24 and 31, 2015 to its global audience."The 24-hour format, which enables viewers to experience a day in the German capital and in other Berlins, begins early in the morning with a street cleaner on Berlin Alexanderplatz, then moves to Berlin in Russia to meet a bus driver ferrying children to school through the icy cold, whilst in Berlin, Papua New Guinea, it's already afternoon; children are swimming in the ocean and fishermen are going home with the day's catch.

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Worldwide Berlin" is a production of "berlin producers" in cooperation with rbb and Deutsche Welle, sponsored by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.