DW-AKADEMIE | July 2010 | Newsletter | DW | 13.07.2010
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DW-AKADEMIE | July 2010

Overview of DW-AKADEMIE's current international media development projects.

Colombia, Barranquilla
Online: Internet platform RE-VISTO

Continuation of the project on “Investigative Journalism.” Blog link: www.re-visto.de, Twitter: http://twitter.comm/re_visto.

Indonesia, Jakarta
Radio: Development of an archive system

DW-AKADEMIE project for Radio KBR68H.

Kyrgyztan, Bishkek
TV und Online: "Learning for Tomorrow" – Economic information program

Participants are ten editors from the partner stations involved.

Laos, Vientiane
TV: News for all of Laos

Workshop participants are managers, editors, reporters and technicians from Lao National TV (LNTV).

Laos, Vientiane
Supporting the Faculty of Mass Communication at Lao National University

DW-AKADEMIE workshop for lecturers and students of the degree program “Mass Communication” at the Lao National University.

Pakistan, Islamabad and Abottabad
TV: Children’s television for the Pashtun areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan – Module C: In-house training

Workshop participants are editors, presenters and technicians of the future children’s programs.

Palestinian Autonomous Areas, Hebron
Radio: Management

This DW-AKADEMIE workshop is for managers from Al-Hurriya FM.

Palestinian Autonomous Areas, Ramallah
Radio: Local Reporting

Workshop for reporters and editors from Al-Sharq FM.

Russia, Nalchik
Radio and Online: Support for independent media – Environmental reporting from Mount Elbrus, Caucasus

Workshop participants are editors from the participating partner stations and online services.

Syria, Damascus
TV: New formats for business and environmental reporting – New media technologies: HDTV

Participants are sound, camera and studio technicians from the state Syrian broadcaster SRTV.

Syria, Damascus
TV: Coaching for a business magazine program, Part 2/4

Workshop training editors from the business television magazine "Mal wa Amal" from SRTV during production.

Syria, Damascus
TV: Producing an environmental magazine program, Part 2/3

For staff from the state Syrian broadcaster SRTV. Workshop and on-the-job coaching in the areas of journalism, camera work and directing.

Yemen, Sanaa
Radio: Youth radio and digitization, Part 2

Production workshop for technicians, journalists and presenters from the Yemeni state broadcasting corporation YGCRTV and for staff from the Communication Qualifying and Training Institute (MCTQI).

Yemen, Sanaa
Modern broadcasting formats for youth television

A DW-AKADEMIE workshop in cooperation with the Communication Qualifying and Training Institute (MCTQI) for staff from Sheba TV. The workshop includes the production of a pilot program.