Dutch Election: What Does It Mean for Europe? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 16.03.2017
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Dutch Election: What Does It Mean for Europe?

What next for an EU that seems more divided than ever and is increasingly under threat from a politics of anger and insults? Our guests: Job Janssen (dutch expert on right-wing populism), Alan Posener (Welt), Rieke Havertz (Zeit online).

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Our guests:

Job Janssen is a journalist from the Netherlands and an expert on right-wing populism. He says: "Wilders may have lost the elections, his political agenda certainly didn’t."



Alan Posener is an author and commentator for daily newspaper Die Welt. He says: "It seems the conflict with Turkey helped the government. Angela Merkel will take note."



Rieke Havertz is working as a journalist for Zeit Online. She says: "Mark Rutte's victory shows the strength of democracies. But Europe should not lean back and relax after the elections in the Netherlands."