Dozens killed in Mumbai building collapse | News | DW | 05.04.2013
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Dozens killed in Mumbai building collapse

Dozens of people have been killed in a building collapse near Mumbai. Structures fall regularly in India, where a building boom has led to multistory sites that are often unauthorized and skirt safety laws.

Rescue workers search for survivors at the site of a collapsed residential building in Thane, on the outskirts of Mumbai April 4, 2013. At least nine people died and over 40 people were injured when an under-construction residential building collapsed on Thursday evening, local media reported. REUTERS/Vivek Prakash (INDIA - Tags: DISASTER TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Hauseinsturz in Mumbai

The collapse killed at least 45 and injured nearly 60 others with rescuers continuing to search for more casualties in the debris, a police inspector said Friday. The seven-storey building collapsed Thursday evening, leaving an 8-meter-high (26 feet) heap of steel and concrete that rescuers and residents struggled to cut through.

"The building was an unauthorized construction," Sandeep Malwi, spokesman for the Thane municipal corporation, told the AFP news agency . "We are going to investigate thoroughly into this and prepare a report."   

The builders may have additionally ignored regulations, according to The Hindustan Times. "Seven floors were built in merely three to four months," the paper quoted the local head of the disaster management cell as saying. "It was bound to collapse due to the inferior construction material used by the builders."

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Rescue work continues

Most of the victims had come to Mumbai to work on building sites, earning as little as a few hundred rupees (about $6 or 4.60 euros) a day. Many of their families lived onsite as well.

In 2010, a similar collapse in New Delhi killed 69 people and injured more than 80, trapping families in the lower floors.             

mkg/hc (AFP, AP)

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