DISPLACED: Documentary series about refugees in Latin America and Africa | Press Releases | DW | 17.01.2020
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Press Releases

DISPLACED: Documentary series about refugees in Latin America and Africa

According to the UN there are now more than 70 million refugees worldwide. DW's six-part series DISPLACED focuses on the causes of this historical negative record and tells exemplary stories from different continents.

DISPLACED starts airing on January 15 on DW's four TV channels – in German, English, Arabic and Spanish – and is available on demand at dw.com and YouTube.  

The documentaries draw attention to questions to which there are only complex answers – for example, about the links between international trade policy and migration, about the effects of the lifestyle of people in the northern hemisphere on their neighbors in the southern hemisphere, or why some countries become a political football for the great powers USA, Russia and China.

Episode 1: Oil and Ruin - The Venezuelan Exodus

The DW reporters accompanied some of the now four million Venezuelans fleeing their home country which is neither at war nor lacks valuable raw materials. However, corruption, mismanagement and the influence of other countries have long determined Venezuela's political and economic situation.  

The second episode, ”Tomatoes and Greed - The Exodus of Ghana's Farmers” tells the story of refugees from Ghana who, due to cheap imports from Asia and Europe, can no longer grow their tomatoes at home and place their hopes in a new life in Europe.  

The third part of the series, “Drought and Floods - The Climate Exodus,” features farmers in Guatemala who can no longer cultivate their fields due to the drought and have to resettle in other countries.

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