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June 22: New English TV channel

Berthold Stevens/mkJune 10, 2015

Deutsche Welle will launch its new English TV channel on June 22. The news and information channel will officially go on air during DW's annual media conference, Global Media Forum.

Satellitenschüssel DW
Image: DW/M.Müller

The global competition of values plays out primarily in the English language, says DW Director General Peter Limbourg. "Germany is highly regarded around the world, and on the international stage many look to Germany to orient themselves. Therefore, we want to meet this demand in the English language," says Limbourg, stressing that international media coverage of German perspectives should not be left solely to other international broadcasters.

"Deutsche Welle expects more than 2000 international guests from politics, media and other areas of public life - among them numerous partners who will rebroadcast DW's flagship programs via their platforms - to attend the Global Media Forum," says Limbourg. "They will all be able to witness the launch of our new channel, live."

DW, the new 24-hour TV channel in English, with hourly news as well as magazine programs and documentaries, will be broadcast around the world. In Europe it will be available on Astra and Hotbird.

Starting June 22, Deutsche Welle will offer four additional 24-hour TV channels for various parts of the world.

  • DW (Amerika) can be received across the entire American continent and offers 20 hours of German and 4 hours of English programming;
  • DW (Latinoamérica) informs people in Latin America in Spanish around the clock;
  • DW (Deutsch) broadcasts in German 24 hours a day in Asia;
  • DW (Arabia) targets viewers from the Arab world - 24 hours in Arabic.

The regional TV channels will remain unchanged in their respective languages, complementing the 24-hour English channel. Only DW (Europe), with its English-German programming via Hotbird, will be discontinued.