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Desalination - The Answer to Water Scarcity?

January 28, 2022

The demand for drinking water is increasing with the growing global community, and it’s in short supply in many heavily populated regions. Desalinating could help, but current methods are expensive.

DW Made in Germany | Desalination
Image: DW

Could the process be made more cost effective? 


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Global Ideas Aufforstung Libanon
Image: Alice Baker/SalamLADC

Lebanon: Planting cedar trees in a country in crisis

Little remains of Lebanon’s iconic cedar forests. Wildfires and deforestation decimated them. Since the nation lacks funds and staff for nature conservation, the organization Trees for Lebanon—which employs female refugees—is filling the gap.


Tansania | Bodenschutz durch Aufforstung Sendung Global 3000
Image: DW

Tanzania: Preserving the soil with reforestation

Sustained droughts are wiping out trees in Tanzania. The organization Justdiggit wants to remedy the situation by planting trees in small holes for moisture collection. The trees grow better, and fertile soil grows in their shadows.


Armenien | Schöner wohnen mit Schildkröte Sendung Global 3000
Image: DW

Armenia: Living better with turtles

Ani Manuk fled Iraq for Armenia many years ago. She shows us her living room, where she serves guests tea, and her son’s turtle Godzilla makes its rounds.




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