Deodorant: No Sweat? | Healthy Living | DW | 07.04.2017
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Healthy Living

Deodorant: No Sweat?

Deodorants are supposed to help combat sweating. But do they really tackle the problem completely? Yes and no, say dermatologists.

Compensatory sweating is indeed a risk if you tend to spray yourself too liberally with anti-perspirants whose active ingredient is aluminium. Aluminium prevents the stimulation of the sweat glands. But sweat plays an important part in regulating body temperature so the sweat glands will simply find another way to do their job. According to Maja Hofmann from the Charité Hospital in Berlin, the problem won’t arise if you only spray your armpits and feet with deodorant. But she suggests using aluminium chloride-based anti-perspirants with caution because they’re believed to increase the risk of breast cancer.