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Decision: Euromaxx viewers’ favorite photographic subjects!

February 11, 2021

We asked you to tell us your favorite subject to photograph. Find out here if you won one of our exclusively-designed DW backpacks.

DW Euromaxx Zuschaueraktion "Lieblingsmotive"

Whether it’s selfies, landscape shots, or vacation memories, taking photos is just a part of our everyday lives. In a special edition of Euromaxx, we talk about all things "photography." 

Euromaxx met with five European photographers with very different approaches to their work. We wanted to know what subject you like to photograph most, and many of you wrote to us this week to share your answers. A big thank you to all of the participants!

We raffled off all of the entries for an exclusively-designed DW backpack with goodies inside. The winner is Rowan M. from Auckland in New Zealand, who prefers to take photos of his wife since 40 years.


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