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Data journalism

DW Data is the data journalism unit of Deutsche Welle. Our stories are based on data, documents and code. This page showcases a selection of our coverage.

As DW's data-driven journalism unit, we analyze large amounts of data searching for new trends, interesting patterns and surprising outliers. Our data visualizations depict these patterns, whereas the accompanying articles and reports explain the underlying reasons for why the patterns occur. Our coverage spans a wide range of topics, both regional and international – from politics, economy and development to environment and culture. Our data sources are as diverse as our topics: We use open data that is accessible and provided as machine-readable, but we also make data available ourselves by querying databases and scraping websites and pdfs. Making our journalism transparent is key for us, and not just because DW is funded by public money. If you are interested in the data, sources, methodology and code behind our projects, please visit our GitHub repository for more detail. If you have questions, remarks or suggestions for stories, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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