Daniel Suarez | Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm | DW | 17.12.2014
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Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm

Daniel Suarez

Formerly an IT consultant, he self-published his first sci-fi novel and landed a bestseller.

Former pseudonym: Leinad Zeraus

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Former IT consultant, author

Books: "Daemon" (2010), "Darknet" (2011), "Kill Decision" (2013), "Influx" (2014)

Breakthrough: "Daemon" was self-published in 2006 after Daniel Suarez wasn't able to find a publisher. It was such a success that publisher Dutton signed a deal with Suarez and re-released the novel in 2009.

Social media: @itsDanielSuarez, +DanielSuarez

On the value of the book: "The book is a crystallization of ideas - that matter."

On the future of the book: "A book is a singular vision. It's an expression of passion that somebody wanted and had to write, whether it tested well or not. To me that's the future of the book."