Dancing to the beat of the world  | HOME | Pia Castro | DW | 06.04.2017
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Pia Castro

Dancing to the beat of the world 

Pia Castro - Where I come from

Pia Castro was born in Argentina to Italian parents and has lived in Germany for over 20 years. Today she is the host of ¡Aquí estoy!, DW's Spanish-language magazine that features people in Germany who are building bridges between Europe and Latin America. She has always loved world music and for 10 years she presented world music for a radio show in Berlin. She first became interested in Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, after which she thought she had to experience the changes in Germany first hand. More than 20 years later, she is still there. Multiculturalism is an essential part of life for her and that's why she feels at home at DW.