Cryptocurrencies - Worth the Ride? | Made in Germany | DW | 23.04.2021

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Made in Germany

Cryptocurrencies - Worth the Ride?

Cryptocurrencies are playing an increasingly important role in the economy. Companies like Tesla accept Bitcoin as money; even asset managers recommend investing in Bitcoin. But how do they work?

What is Bitcoin's value?

Recently, the value of Bitcoin has risen massively. Other cryptocurrencies have also climbed, some only to plunge again. Companies like Tesla accept Bitcoin as payment. But critics warn: Cryptocurrencies are too unstable and best left to gamblers.


What is a cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin, ethereum, Monero: Cryptocurrencies can be loaded onto your smartphone in exchange for local currency, and you can buy many things online with them. There are now almost 4100 of these digital currencies — how do they actually work?


Are NFTs changing the art world?

The future is now: Today, a virtual Mona Lisa or a cat meme can be worth millions. Welcome to the world of NFTs. Fraudulent — or the future of the art world?


IOTA: A glimpse into the future?

What does a Corona test have to do with cryptocurrency? Technology that seems abstract to the average consumer is present in our everyday lives. DW explains with a glimpse into the future.   



The Life of Coinowners

Owning cryptocurrency is turning many people's lives upside down. Whose fate is altered by Bitcoin? DW shares two stories of  "Coinowners." Who are they?  What have they experienced, and what do they think of Bitcoin today?


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