Crime Fighters: Words of Hate, Words of Peace | Crime Fighters | DW | 20.11.2019

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Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters: Words of Hate, Words of Peace

As ethnic tensions grow in her country, June, a young African journalist, decides to fight the rise in hate speech.

Back in Magange after years of exile, Banku Mutumba, a young emblematic figure of the opposition, is stabbed just as she arrives at the airport. This revives ethnic tensions between the Deremba people, whom she represents, and the Tiribe people who are in power and hold the reins of the economy. June, a young journalist belonging to both ethnic groups, is fighting back against the rise in hate speech and is determined to save her relationship with her fiancé who is Tiribe. But who are the perpetrators of the attack on Banku? Is the president really involved as the Deremba community claims? Inspector Opande is in a race against time to solve the case before resurfaced ethnic rivalries spill over into a civil war.

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