Crime Fighters: The Secret of the Bones | Crime Fighters | DW | 16.02.2018

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Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters: The Secret of the Bones

Who kidnapped one-year-old Zuri and why? Is traditional healer Lindia involved in this crime?

When one-year-old Zuri is kidnapped at night in the slums, his parents are desperate. Who could have taken their little son and why? Several children in the area who previously disappeared under mysterious circumstances were never found. The police hurry to search for Zuri. Some evidence seems to point to the traditional healer Lindia, but she claims to be innocent. Zuri’s father asks another traditional healer, Shava, to help find his child. Shava is popular in the community and is said to be very powerful. Which of the two healers is genuine and can be trusted? And will the efforts to find Zuri alive be successful? This story was written by Sonwabiso Ngcowa (South Africa).

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