Coming up... Bernd Leno | Archive | DW | 13.04.2012
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Coming up... Bernd Leno

But Leverkusen are in just 7th place right now, and have had just a mediocre season so far. But according to German football magazine Kicker, their goalkeeper Bernd Leno gets the best grades of any keeper in Germany.

Just 20 years old, Leno came on loan from Stuttgart when Leverkusen's first-team keeper and former Germany keeper René Adler went down with an injury. Then at the start of this year, Leno inked a 5-and-a-half year contract with Bayer. "I'm just happy to be here and haven't for a second regretted coming here," says Leno. So at least there's one player in the team who's having an outstanding season.