Colombia′s FARC rebels release French reporter | News | DW | 30.05.2012
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Colombia's FARC rebels release French reporter

Colombia's FARC have freed Romeo Langlois. The French journalist was captured by the leftist guerrilla group a month ago.

Langlois, a correspondent for French television broadcaster France 24, was handed over to representatives from the International Red Cross and the French government on Wednesday.

"Other than being held for a month after being wounded, the rest has gone well," Langlois, 35, told reporters at the scene in San Isidro, a small town in Colombia's southern Caqueta region.

Langlois was wounded in his left arm but appeared to be in good health. He said he had been treated well.

The 35-year-old had been captured by the FARC during a firefight with the Colombian military in Caqueta on April 28. He had been embedded with a military unit.

The FARC began as a Marxist peasant movement in 1964. It had renounced the practice of kidnappings for ransom earlier this year. In a communiqué, the rebels said they took Langlois partly because he was wearing military clothing.

ncy/rc (dpa, Reuters, AP)