Colombia - A land of scenic diversity | Insider tips for our DW travel guide | DW | 21.11.2013
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Travel Guide

Colombia - A land of scenic diversity

Columbia is a special place that brings together a variety of cultures and landscapes featured in many South American countries. Combining all of these amazing things is what makes Juan Carlos’s homeland so unique.

Old buildings on the water in San Andres, Colombia

Perfect holidays in Colombia.

The Republic of Colombia is located in northwestern South America. Its coastline features both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

If you want to see the Pacific Ocean, then go to Chile.
If you want to see the Atlantic Ocean, travel to Jamaica.
If you want to experience the Andes, take a trip to Bolivia.
If you want to see the Orinoco Plains, you should visit Venezuela.
If you want to discover the Amazon Rainforest, then travel to Brazil.
If you want to learn about ancient cultures, Mexico is your destination.
But if you want to experience all of this at once, you have to come to Colombia!

Colombia has the privilege of combining all of this natural wonder in one country. It is a truly unique landscape full of impressive flora and fauna along with interesting local cultures.
Colombia offers everything a traveler could want from deserts, to glaciers, mountains and forests leading to huge inland plains and eventually to beaches by the sea. I want to invite everyone to discover these amazing things and to remember them forever which should be easy because the experience will be unforgettable.

The picturesque landscape is only one aspect of Colombia’s colorful diversity. You can also find a variety of unique cultures here. On the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, in the Andes or the Amazon jungle there are many authentic and indigenous cultures for travelers to discover. Colombian people are very friendly and always ready to show you the wonderful things our country has to offer. Our mild and aromatic coffee has made Colombia famous around the world. The Willys Jeep is a well known vehicle in this region and is often used to transport coffee into the city. Also very popular are the colorful houses located in the mountains surrounded by coffee plantations and thousands of colorfully blooming flowers. The scenery here is sure to captivate you.

My country offers so much to see and discover that I couldn’t possibly describe it all at once. I can only recommend that you come to Colombia and see everything for yourself, you will be amazed!

Sent by: Juan Carlos from Colombia
Edited by: Jeanette Müller

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