Cologne police arrest 7 as Carnival begins with attacks | News | DW | 12.11.2019

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Cologne police arrest 7 as Carnival begins with attacks

The annual Carnival festivities have begun amid civil disobedience that has spilled over into aggressive attacks. Drink-related crime was also reported.

Cologne's world-famous Carnival season kicked off on Monday, with many of the celebrations spilling over into civil disobedience and physical attacks.

One 22-year-old man was assaulted from behind and had a plastic zip tie placed around his neck and tightened. He was freed by a paramedic at a nearby medical tent, who reported that a similar event had occurred earlier in the day.

In another incident, an 18-year-old reveler was struck by leftover building material thrown from a nearby building and suffered minor injuries. A 17-year-old and a 19-year-old were detained.

By late evening, seven people had been arrested, a Carnival record, according to police.

Several drunken users of e-scooters were also punished.

Traditionally, every November 11, up to 70,000 people celebrate the beginning of Carnival season in the western German city on the Rhine.