Cinema Dadaab - Movies in a refugee camp | DocFilm | DW | 02.06.2019
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Cinema Dadaab - Movies in a refugee camp

Dadaab in Kenya is one of the oldest, largest and most dangerous refugee camps in the world. Many refugees are now leaving it to return to their home countries. For those who have to stay, the only escape from everyday life is cinema.

Watch video 42:36

Abdikafi Mohamed runs a simple cinema on a refugee camp already forgotten by the world. The refugees cannot leave the camp, but they let their minds travel by going to Abdikafi’s cinema to dream of other countries - which they only know of from films. Abdikafi, who dreams of a life as a film star, came to the camp when he was 5. He has never been elsewhere since. The refugees’ lives are interlinked by the cinema. But many of them didn’t even know what a film was before they came here.