Cement factory collapses in Bangladesh | News | DW | 12.03.2015
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Cement factory collapses in Bangladesh

A cement factory under construction has collapsed in Bangladesh. Police say 150 people had been on site. At least four people have been confirmed killed. Emergency services had managed to rescue at least 30.

Bangadesh's poor building record took another blow on Thursday with the collapse of a partly-built cement factory in the city of Mongla. It belonged to a subsidiary of the Bangladesh army, according to Reuters news agency.

Four people were killed during the collapse and about 100 workers are thought to still be trapped.

'More bodies in debris'

"There are more bodies inside the debris, said Mohammad Abdus Samad, a Mongla district administration official.

Bangladesh remains traumatized by a series of building disasters blamed on poor standards, especially the Rana Plaza multi-storey collapse of 2013 (pictured above) when at least 1,138 people, mostly garment workers, were killed.

In Mongla, a port city 335 kilometers (210 miles) southwest of Dhaka, another official said sailors and soldiers had joined recovery efforts at the cement factory site.

Mongla police spokesman Balayet Hossain said: "About 150 people, including workers, were inside the factory building when it collapsed."

ipj/sms (Reuters, AFP)

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