Celebrated Brazilian ′butt-lift′ plastic surgeon Pitanguy dies | News | DW | 07.08.2016
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Celebrated Brazilian 'butt-lift' plastic surgeon Pitanguy dies

Dr. Ivo Pitanquy, who made Brazil a top destination for celebrities wanting to improve their looks, has died at 93. He died just a day after briefly carrying the torch for the Olympics opening.

Pitanguy died at his home in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday afternoon of a heart attack, hospital spokeswoman Patricia Sallum said.

His death comes one day after carrying the Olympic torch ahead of the opening ceremony of this year's Rio Games. Pitanguy, who suffered from a number of health problems, carried the flame while seated in a wheelchair.

The surgeon made Brazil one of the most popular destinations worldwide for beauty surgery, with one of his signature techniques earning the nickname of "Brazilian butt-lift."

Wealthy, but generous

Pitanguy always kept the list of his patients secret, but it is thought to contain the names of many of Hollywood's top stars and leading US personalities. Many of the patients stayed on his private island of Angra dos Reis, from where he sometimes commuted to work by helicopter.

He was the author of hundreds of publications about cosmetic surgery, and also trained dozens of young plastic surgeons.

Despite enjoying fabulous wealth and considerable fame, Pitanguy also often performed surgery for free on accident victims who could not otherwise afford his services. Several hospitals have followed his example and offer plastic surgeries to the poor at reduced rates or even free of charge.

He voiced the opinion that beauty treatments not only helped improve a person's outside, but also had psychological benefits in boosting self-esteem.

His body was to be cremated on Sunday.

tj/rc (AFP, AP)

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