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Call for African photographers

August 14, 2013

The People's Choice Award for human rights photography recognizes African photojournalists who inspire and change perceptions of life in Africa through the power of photographic storytelling.

German Development Media Awards Sonderpreis (photo: Gerlind Vollmer).
Image: Gerlind Vollmer

Whether published in print or online, photography is a powerful medium and Africa has always been a magnet for the world's leading photographers. But it is African photographers who document life across the continent day in, day out - whether it is breaking news, business, development issues, human rights abuses, conflicts or simply portraying the lives of ordinary people.

Africa's photographers are on the spot, capturing stories of political power struggles, ethnic conflicts, humanitarian crises as well as success stories of development making a difference in people's lives.

Development flourishes where human rights are protected. This is why the German Media Development Awards seek to honor African photographers with the People's Choice Award for human rights photography.

The competition is open to professional African photojournalists who live and work on the African continent. See the conditions of entry for further details. The award winner will receive 2,000 euros in prize money and will also be invited to attend the awards ceremony in Berlin on August 14, 2013.

Please select your best photograph on human rights and send it to us by May 31, 2013 using the online registration form. To access the form, click the link below.

Kinder in Mali (photo: Max Kerhoff).
Image: Max Kerkhoff