Brutal Ritual | DocFilm | DW | 24.11.2019
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Brutal Ritual

Female genital mutilation is a serious violation of human rights. More than 50,000 of its victims now live in Germany. An estimated 200 million women worldwide have suffered genital mutilation as children, and it is still an everyday occurrence in many African countries. How do girls cope with the effects of this brutal ritual as they start new lives in Germany?

Watch video 42:16

Fadumo Korn came to Germany many years ago, married and had a child. She was circumcised at the age of seven in Somalia and it still affects her health even now. She is still one of the few women prepared to speak openly about the traumatic experience of female genital mutilation. Today, Fadumo tries to help other victims, most of whom have come to Germany as refugees. Our camera team spent several weeks following her and the girls she has taken under her wing and asks whether it is ever possible to come to terms with the injury and trauma of genital mutilation.