Brilliant Minds - Physicist Emőke-Ágnes Horvát | Tomorrow Today - The Science Magazine | DW | 09.09.2013
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Tomorrow Today

Brilliant Minds - Physicist Emőke-Ágnes Horvát

Emöke-Agnes Horvat from Romania says that chance didn't bring her to work in Heidelberg.

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As a child, she read about the beautiful old city on the Neckar River in German class, and always wanted to go there. Interested in many different subjects, as a student she pursued several different degrees, among them physics, information technologies and film studies. Her doctoral thesis at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing in Heidelberg combined them all. It's focus is on decoding and visualising patterns that could help in cancer research as well as social networks.

The Brilliant Minds series introduces young scientists from all over the world who have chosen to live and pursue their research in Germany.