Bomb scare in Cairo, search for militants | News | DW | 19.09.2013
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Bomb scare in Cairo, search for militants

Egyptian troops and police have raided the village of Kerdassah, near Cairo, looking for militants who killed more than a dozen police officers. The raid came amid a scare over fake bombs in the Cairo metro.

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Egypt army clashes with militants

Egyptian explosives experts found two fake bombs at the Helmeyet el-Zaytoun station in northeastern Cairo on Wednesday. State media said segments of the capital's rail network were shut down.

The scare coincided with a house-to-house search of the village of Kerdassah, south of Cairo, near Giza.

State television said security forces were seeking Islamist militants wanted for the killing of 13 policemen in the area on August 14.

That was when fighting erupted in Kerdassah between armed groups and security forces, just hours after Egypt's army-led administration cracked down on two camps of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi inside Cairo.

A similar crackdown was staged in the town of Delga in central Egypt on Monday.

Egypt has seen deadly violence since July when the army deposed Morsi, the country's first democratically elected president, after massive protests against his rule.

ipj/slk (dpa, AFP, Reuter)

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