Bomb blast rocks Athens amid heightened tensions | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 13.05.2010

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Bomb blast rocks Athens amid heightened tensions

Two people have been injured after a bomb exploded outside an Athens prison on Thursday. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but police say it may have been the work of left-wing militants.

Korydallos prison

The attack was outside the Korydallos prison

A bomb has exploded outside one of Greece's highest security prisons, injuring two people and damaging homes and shops up to four blocks away, Athens police said Thursday.

The bomb was placed inside a garbage container alongside a wall at the Korydallos prison. The explosion could be heard several kilometers away, a witness told news agency Reuters. The two people were injured by flying debris.

"We have counted 55 shops and homes damaged so far in a radius of several blocks," a police official said.

An unidentified caller had warned a Greek TV station and a newspaper that a bomb would blow up outside the prison within minutes, leading police to evacuate the area.

Police said the attack could be an act of sympathy with six suspected members of the Revolutionary Struggle militant group captured and charged last month.

The attack comes amid street violence in Greece over austerity measures put in place by the country's government to tackle its debt crisis.


Editor: Andy Valvur

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