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Bolivia: 17 arrested with links to failed coup

June 27, 2024

Those arrested included active and retired military personnel and civilians, a top official said. The government said it had prior knowledge of the failed coup attempt.

Supporters of the government of Luis Arce Catacora confront the military on June 26, 2024.
The government announced arrests made in the backdrop of a failed coup attemptImage: Mateo Romay Salinas/Anadolu/picture alliance

Bolivian authorities arrested 17 people in connection with a failed coup attempt, the government announced on Thursday.

Those arrested included active and retired military personnel as well as civilians, senior cabinet member Eduardo del Castillo told a press conference. 

"A total of 17 people have been arrested for having attempted to carry out a coup within the national territory," del Castillo said, adding that there were "many more who had participated."

Del Castello claimed earlier that the government had prior intelligence regarding the attempt.

Authorities in Bolivia put down a short-lived coup attempt on Wednesday that saw armored vehicles ramming the door of the presidential palace.

Bolivian authorities arrested the outgoing general commander of the army, Juan Jose Zuniga, after troops pulled back from Plaza Murillo square housing the main presidential building.

Arrested general claims he was asked to stage a coup

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