Berlin′s MOMA Exhibit Welcomes Night Owls | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 30.07.2004
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Berlin's MOMA Exhibit Welcomes Night Owls

Berlin, it seems, can't get enough of New York. In order to handle overwhelming visitor numbers to its exhbit featuring the complete works of the Big Apple's Museum of Modern Art, the Neue Nationalgalerie announced it would extend opening hours during the final weeks of the exhibit's stay in Berlin. Visitors, who have had to stand in line for more than seven hours, will be able to see the works of Picasso, Matisse and friends until midnight from Tuesday until Thursday and on Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, the exhibit will stay open four more hours until 2 a.m. Since opening in February, the MOMA in Berlin has attracted more than 700,000 visitors. It will close on Sept. 19 so that the 200 works can be shipped back in time for the NYC Moma's re-opening in November.

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