Berlinale Talents: Cinema as resistance | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 09.03.2019
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Berlinale Talents: Cinema as resistance

Can cinema change the world? Five filmmakers believe it can. They show people traumatized by war in Mozambique, the willful destruction of nature in Brazil, the fight against racism in the US and child poverty in Lebanon. An Arts.21 Special.

Watch video 26:06

Inadelso Cossa (Filmmaker, Mozambique) "I believe that images can change people." With his poetic films, Inadelso Cossa tries to heal the wounds and trauma suffered by people in his African homeland of Mozambique, where a civil war raged for more than a decade.


Alois Di Leo (Filmmaker and Producer, Peru / Brazil) How hard is it to look death in the face? In his award-winning animated film "Way of Giants", Peruvian Alois di Leo tells the story of an indigenous girl in the Amazon rainforest -- and how she learns to accept the natural life cycle.


Sabaah Folayan (Filmmaker, USA) In 2014, unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Riots followed, escalating racial tensions in the US city. Filmmaker Sabaah Folayan captures the mood in her documentary "Whose Streets?"


Christopher Aoun (Camera, Lebanon) Konstantin Bock (Editor, Germany) "Capernaum" did such an impressive job of shedding light on child poverty in Beirut’s slums that the film was nominated for an Oscar. Cameraman Christopher Aoun crafted the images, while editor Konstantin Bock set the rhythm of this disturbing work.