Berlin Polo Shirts are just waiting for you! | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 28.06.2013
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Berlin Polo Shirts are just waiting for you!

Berlin fashion designer Esther Perbandt has created a classic polo shirt especially for Arts.12, in the latest summer colors: "blackberry" for women and "Antibes blue" for men.

The designer's philosophy focuses not on trends or fashion, but on the physical feeling they convey. And she's kept to that philosophy in the shirt she's designed for us: light, classically styled, with a few eye-catching accents, such as the appliquéd Arts.21 logo, the black contrasting button facing and a personal signature inside the collar. It's correct in every way, made in India by a partner company chosen by Esther Perbandt for its ecological credentials.

All Berlin summer long, we'll be drawing 20 lucky winners a week. If YOU'D like to win one of these high-quality shirts, just write to us under the heading "Summer Polo Shirt" and tell us where in the world you watch Arts.21. Don‘t forget your name, address and your personal wish: men‘s or women‘s shirt. The competition ends on August 24, 2013.

Please note: This limited edition shirt is available only in size M.