Berlin - Freedom of the City | Discover Germany | DW | 26.10.2013
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Discover Germany

Berlin - Freedom of the City

Berlin is becoming increasingly attractive for people with disabilities. Its efforts on that front have won it the EU’s 2012 Access City Award. Many of the city’s museums and other sights are now barrier-free - as are some of its pubs.

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Mobidat is an online service that gives grades to buildings in Berlin according to accessibility. It has a database with over 30,000 entries. Disabled visitors coming to the city on their own can use a free assistance service provided by the regional public transportation operator - the first of its kind in Europe. Around 80 staff are on hand to escort visitors to their desired destinations via bus or subway. The 100 bus is extremely popular among tourists for taking in the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and other tourist sights. The line’s buses are fitted with a ramp that can be lowered to enable wheelchair access. Berlin’s world-famous museums additionally cater to the blind and partially sighted. The Neues Museum, for example, has a "hands-on" bronze replica of Nefertiti for those unable to witness the bust of the Ancient Egyptian queen with their eyes.

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