Berlin-born NFL star Björn Werner released by Indianapolis Colts | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 08.03.2016
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Berlin-born NFL star Björn Werner released by Indianapolis Colts

The NFL season might be over, but some players can still face the heartache of being released. Sadly, for one of Germany's NFL stars that was the case on Tuesday.

Berlin-born Björn Werner was released by the Indianapolis Colts on Tuesday. The 2013 first-round draft pick lost his starting spot the season before last and only played 10 games in the season just finished (38 overall).

Waiving Werner saved the Colts 1.3 million euros ($1.5m), but after failing to meet expectations in the last three seasons it was more a case of accepting a mistake than saving money. Werner, an outside linebacker, is now without a team and must hope to negotiate a deal in free agency.

American Football Indianapolis Colts - New England Patriots

Werner and Vollmer face off in January, 2014

Werner is one of five German players in the NFL. SuperBowl 49 winner and New England Patriot Sebastian Vollmer is the most famous German playing American football in the National Football League (NFL), but alongside Werner and Vollmer are Kasim Edebali (New Orleans Saints), Markus Kuhn (New York Giants) and Mark Nzeocha (Dallas Cowboys).

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