Benedikt Amara | Popxport | DW | 14.12.2017
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Benedikt Amara

While training as a dancer, he discovered classical music, but he’d always been a fan of pop music and the big stars. When Benedikt Amara takes to the studio for Popxport, he fills the room with his enthusiasm.

Benedikt has always known that he belongs on stage. Born in Göttingen, the future presenter started training in Hamburg to become a dancer. A knee injury put an abrupt end to his dreams of a dancing career – but not to his passion for music and entertainment. While studying media and communications alongside German literature, Benedikt worked in radio.  It was a perfect way for him to combine all his interests. 

Later, as a producer for Boulevard, his focus moved beyond the stage performers and their art to include the stories behind them. Thanks to his way with people, it wasn’t hard for Benedikt to get those stories, whether interviewing Tokio Hotel’s Bill Kaulitz or Grace Capristo. Benedikt is all about music, but with exciting stories to go with it.