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Batman v Superman: A brief guide to superheroes

Silke Wünsch / egMarch 21, 2016

In the film "Batman v Superman," the two rivaling superheroes unite to save humanity. Many other comic characters have been there and done that. Here's a brief guide to famous superheroes.

Filmszene Superman 1978 mit Christopher Reeve
Image: Imago

They're both good guys. Superman and Batman have eliminated horrible villains throughout their different adventures, countless comics and films.

But this time it's different. Superman has just defeated his nemesis Zod in a gargantuan battle, and that has affected a great part of the Earth. Gotham City, Batman's turf, isn't spared from the damage either. Meanwhile, the all-powerful Superman is ruling unchecked on Metropolis, so the worried Batman decides to restrict him from doing so.

That's how the two superheroes get into a violent dispute.

Meanwhile, the destructive monster Doomsday threatens humankind, so the two opponents end all quarreling to recruit Wonder Woman to help them stop Doomsday.

"Batman v Superman" is released in theaters on March 24 in Germany, and a day later in the US. With the usual action-packed scenes and high-tech special effects, it's popcorn cinema at its best - and it also happens to raise the question: What kind of superhero does the world really need?