Barred from Leaving Turkey | All media content | DW | 22.06.2018
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Barred from Leaving Turkey

Turkish authorities won’t let German journalist Mesale Tolu leave the country. Charged with links to a terror group, she spent 8 months in prison in 2017. Tolu was freed on the condition that she stays in Turkey. She hopes for a different outcome.

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After spending several months in a Turkish jail, human rights activist Peter Steudtner returned to Germany. Journalist Deniz Yücel was also released after massive pressure by the German government. But Mesale Tolu remains stuck in a country whose fate has rested solely in the hands of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for years. She worked as a translator and journalist for a Turkish left-wing news agency. In April 2017 she was sent to prison where she spent 8 months - five of them with her young child. In December, she was released on the condition that she stays in Turkey. Now, she hopes that the rule of law prevails and her travel ban is lifted. And she’s not the only one. There’s also 18-year-old student Yarin Tuncer, who has been in custody for weeks because she took part in a protest against the military offensive in Afrin. And Hüda Yildirim, a teacher who lost her job in the wake of Erdoğan’s December emergency decree. And bookkeeper Emre Iper, who is said to have rebel ties because he downloaded a music program onto his phone. In Turkey, more and more people are losing their faith in an independent justice system.