Award winning Focus on Europe reports at film competition in the US | Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People | DW | 21.04.2015
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Focus on Europe

Award winning Focus on Europe reports at film competition in the US

It’s been a great day for DW’s TV-magazine on European issues: Five “Award of Merit” went to reporters of Focus On Europe at the US Accolade Global Film Competition in La Jolla, California.

Festival director Rick Prickett was impressed by the high quality of the DW’s reports. He said that the contributions had enriched the event and outlined European perspectives. Prickett added that the large diversity of reports in the category “Documentary Short” was particularly appreciated by the jury. These entries were honored with an award: A refugee tries to get ahead (Reporter Gunnar Köhne) Some 180,000 refugees have reached the Greek island of Lesbos so far. Most of them are heading on to Western Europe. But one Moroccan runner is training hard in hopes of achieving Greek citizenship. Denmark: Alone against Al Qaeda (Reporter Alexander Feist) Morten Storm grew up in a small Danish town. He led a troubled life and converted to Islam. At age 21, he befriended one of the most-wanted Al Qaeda terrorists – later, he helped security services kill him. How Charlie's doing in France (Reporter Susanna Dörhage) After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine is struggling to set a new course. The survivors have to cope with the trauma and are under round-the-clock surveillance. Journalist Zineb El Rhazoui wants to keep going. Switzerland/Italy: The guardian angel of fugitives (Reporter Veit-Ulrich Braun) Mussie Zerai came to Europe as a refugee twenty years ago . Today he ministers to the Eritrean diaspora. He regularly receives calls from refugees in need - sometimes from a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean or from a Libyan jail. Finland: Forgotten children of German soldiers (Reporter Annette Leiterer) In Finland during WWII, German soldiers fathered many children with local women. After the war, the mothers were frequently ostracized and their children demonized as bastards. Only recently have mothers and children started to break their silence. The Accolade Global Film Competition is considered as one of the major film festivals in the USA and received entries from more than 40 countries worldwide.