Astor Piazolla - Tango Nuevo | DocFilm | DW | 02.08.2019
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Astor Piazolla - Tango Nuevo

Astor Piazolla, the founder of "Tango Nuevo," revolutionized Argentinian tango, breaking the rules of traditional tango and bringing the country's iconic music and dance to international concert halls.

Watch video 42:31

The film is based on previously unpublished documents and interviews with the composer and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). Tango is today more in vogue than ever: The formerly disreputable music of brothels and amusement arcades has long since reached the concert halls of the world - above all through Piazzolla's commitment. He combined influences from jazz, klezmer and classical music into a new form of tango that purists in his homeland initially sharply criticized. Today, however, "Tango Nuevo” is enthusiastically received everywhere. Born of Italian immigrants in Buenos Aires in 1921, Piazzolla grew up in New York, where Harlem's music, his father's old tango records and neighbors who played Bach all had an early impact on the talented boy. A trawl through the family's photo and film archives, including previously unreleased conversations with Piazzolla’s daughter Diana, and highlights of his musical career create an intimate portrait of his life and work. Against a rousing Tango Nuevo soundtrack, Daniel Rosenfeld's documentary paints an impressive picture of a complex artist who today ranks among the great composers of the 20th Century.