Asparagus with langustino and morels | Fish and Seafood | DW | 15.07.2005
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Fish and Seafood

Asparagus with langustino and morels

This recipe is from Michelin star chef Olivier Detombe. He runs his own restaurant in the Belgian capital, Brussels.


To serve one

5 to 6 white stalks of asparagus
2 morels, soaked in water
1 langustino
cayenne pepper
salt and pepper
lobster stock

Peel the asparagus, cut into 2 cm long pieces and fry in butter. Add water.

Chop the soaked morels into small pieces and season with butter,salt,pepper, cayenne pepper and a sprinkling of sugar.
Mix with the asparagus.

Peel a langustino and fry carefully for ten minutes

Boil the lobster stock with cream until it has reduced to half the original quantity. Add a dash of armagnac.

Pour lobster sauce into a bowl, add the asparagus and morels. Place the langustino on top.


Bon appétit!