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Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

October 6, 2023

Fears, phobias, anxiety and anxiety disorders -- what's the difference? And how can people with acrophobia, test anxiety or nomophobia find help?

Symbolbild | Bodyshaming
Image: Klatt/IMAGO

Crushing Worries: Overcoming generalized anxiety disorder 

Anxieties are on the increase, especially in younger people. What’s behind the rising numbers, and how can anxiety disorders be treated?





Symbolbild | Schulkinder mit Smartphones
Image: Ute Grabowsky/photothek/IMAGO

Nomophobia - The rise of phone separation anxiety

Nomophobia stands for no mobile phone phobia. It's the fear of being without your cell phone and thereby cut off from social media and your contacts. Find out how to treat it.





Symbolbild Gewalt gegen Kinder
Image: imagebroker/IMAGO

Social Phobia - When people fear other people

In 2020, Kerstin Kuhl had just overcome her social anxiety with therapy. But then came the lockdown. Now she must practice socializing to overcome her fears all over again





Image: Jens Wolf/dpa/picture alliance

How to beat exam anxiety

Being nervous about exams is normal, but some people develop severe test anxiety. They panic, tremble, sweat and suffer heart palpitations. We look at techniques that can help students cope.





BG Spätsommer in Deutschland
Image: Patrick Pleul/dpa/picture alliance

How change promotes happiness

Change can seem scary, but you can overcome a fear of change by training your brain to focus more on positive aspects. Trying out new things also builds courage muscle, making it easier to accept change.




Skywalk BG
Image: K. Thomas/blickwinkel/picture alliance

What helps combat a fear of heights?

Exposure therapy or confrontation therapy are among the most effective ways of treating phobias. Step by step, people grow accustomed to the thing they fear. For acrophobics that can mean climbing mountains!





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