Anthony Howard | DW News - latest news and breaking stories | DW | 07.07.2020

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DW News

Anthony Howard

I love telling stories and asking questions for DW. It’s a privilege.

Born in:
Melbourne, Australia


English and Deutsch


Degrees/Journalistic experience:
I started as a TV reporter in Australia in 1999 and have worked as an international correspondent and presenter in the UK, USA, and Africa en route to Berlin.


With DW since:

Favorite quote:
“Every crow thinks its feathers are the blackest.”


My personal hero:
My grandmother, who used the above quote to describe the human ego. 104-years old when she died in 2018. A feminist who led with actions, she judged her own success by the strength of the family she built. She succeeded.


What do I strive to be as a journalist?
Unafraid to ask a simple question.


7 images that I can’t get out of my head

  • My Dad, a news photographer, coming home with the evening paper under his arm
  • Melbourne being shrouded in ash from nearby bushfires when I was a kid
  • The Serengeti
  • A funeral march emerging from a corn field in Malawi while I was waiting for a bus
  • Kevin Carter’s photo: ‘Vulture and starving child’
  • Donald Trump holding a bible
  • Stefan Simons turning to admonish Minnesota Police when they had just fired on him