Angsthase | Culture | Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 01.06.2012

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Do your knees knock together at the thought of something scary?

Hase © Michael Krüger - 30985858

What makes you scared?

If, like me, you cycle to work in the early hours of the morning through a park, now in the spring you will notice the rabbits looking up and running off as you approach. I've never yet seen a rabbit which stands in front of my bike and says, "You cycle round me - I'm staying where I am!"

And why is that? Because they're Angsthasen, that's why. Angst means fear - that's easy - but Hase is hard to translate. Sometimes it means hare; sometimes it means rabbit - but it doesn't matter, because an Angsthase is a scaredy-cat.

Author: Michael Lawton
Editor: Jessie Wingard

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