Ali Güngörmüs, Star Chef | guest list | DW | 29.01.2013
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guest list

Ali Güngörmüs, Star Chef

Ali Güngörmüs' restaurant Le Canard nouveau in Hamburg impressed the Michelin Guide's inspectors. They awarded him his first star in 2006, and he's kept it to this day.

Güngörmüs is a German of Turkish origin. He started training as a chef at age 14 in a Bavarian tavern. From there, he climbed the ladder to the airy heights of haute cuisine. He tells what keeps him climbing on Talking Germany.

Ali Güngörmüs was born in eastern Turkey in 1976. When he was ten years old, he, his mother and his six siblings joined his father in Munich. After finishing high school, Güngörmüs began training as a chef. He soon became interested in the world of gourmet cooking, and began working in the renowned Munich restaurant Gasthaus Glockenbach under the tutelage of Karl Ederer. After additional positions in well-known eateries such as Tantris, he became chef de cuisine at Munich’s Lenbach restaurant at age 27. Only two years later, Güngörmüs opened his own restaurant, Le Canaurd Nouveau, to great acclaim. His cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean and Asian styles. Güngörmüs lives with his wife and three year old son in Hamburg.

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